Let's Talk Menopause


This is an online event via zoom. The link will be emailed to all booked attendees w/c 10/01/2022. If you do not receive the link please email the branch administrator - lise.sheridan@cipdbranch.co.uk

Event Overview

Let's talk menopause - looking at the human side of things particularly in the workplace. Top tips you should be considering.

Normalising menopause at work to increase attraction and retention of female talent, support gender equality and improve attendance and productivity.


  • 14 million workdays are lost to the UK economy due to women taking time off to manage menopausal symptoms.
  • Women over 50 are the fastest growing group of employees; with significant skills, knowledge and experience, they are a valuable business asset.
  • Between the ages of 40 and 55, 80% of women experience up to 34 physical and psychological symptoms of menopause; one in four suffers so severely, she needs significant support to maintain normal performance at work.
  • Many employers notice flagging productivity, higher absence levels and low morale or motivation.

Opportunity (UK)

  • 13.5 million menopausal women
  • 75 - 80% are in employment
  • 1. 25 million employers


​Women of a Certain Stage provides menopause training and support packages to help women, their line managers and the business to navigate the transition successfully and empathically.


Lauren is a keynote speaker on executive women's wellbeing and an authority on menstruation & menopause at work.

She left her senior role in financial services, in her early 40's believing she was suffering from early-onset dementia. Imagine her surprise when her doctor informed her she had 'just' been through menopause?!

Today she educates employers on why being menopause supportive, is business savvy and supports high performing women to navigate the changes and challenges of all things hormonal, from monthly cycle to menopause.

As a trusted coach, mentor and keynote speaker, Lauren has helped thousands of executives, celebrities and athletes globally.

She holds qualifications in psychology, mental health, nutrition, coaching, personal training and more.

Lauren shares her knowledge and stimulates the debate on what being well means, at all stages of life, with insightful directness, commercial pragmatism and absolute passion for ensuring optimum wellbeing and resilience.

Lauren's goal is to transform global attitudes to menopause, helping organisations to support their teams through this transformation successfully and to empower women to retain their vitality and presence throughout their menopause journey.

Core Qualifications

  • BSc HONS Psychology
  • Mental Health First Aid
  • Personal Trainer & Sports Therapist
  • DISC Communications Styles, Trainer
  • Diplomas in Health / Life / Mastery / Transformational Coaching

Check out the FREE Three Day mini-series: Menopause Mastery the Basics

Runs from 12:30 - 13:15 UK time, every two months and is open to everyone.

Bite-sized sessions to demystify menopause and signpost support:

  • Mon: The key facts, statistics, ages, stages, and definitions
  • Tue: How to help yourself and others through menopause
  • Wed: Managing Menopause at work for employees and employers

Next Dates

  • 06 - 09 Dec
  • 07 - 09 Feb
  • 04 - 06 Apr

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